Little Bighorn Timeline: June 26-28, 1876

Based on John S. Gray’s tables in┬áCuster’s Last Campaign: Mitch Boyer and the Little Bighorn Reconstructed┬áunless noted otherwise. Several people commented on this timeline when it was originally published on; those comments are in italics.

June 26, 1876


12:04:┬áThe horse herders passed Rosebud (Busby) “at midnight.”┬á

4:00:┬áThe rear guard passed Lame Deer Creek “at daylight.”┬á

4:19:┬áThe horse herders arrived at Lame Deer Creek “at daylight” and camped.


5:15:┬áThe rear guard arrived at the mouth of the Rosebud “in evening” and camped.┬á8:00:┬áThe horse herders left their camp “at sundown.”┬á

Time? Interpreter Frederick Girard and Scout William Jackson (Ree, 1/4 Blackfoot) (left), who had been left in the timber, arrived at Reno Hill. 

June 27, 1876


8:00:┬áBlack Fox overtook the rear guard at “8 A.M. breakfast.”
11:35: The horse herders arrived at the mouth of the Rosebud. 


5:30: The rear guard camped for the night at the Tongue River. 

7:05: The horse herders camped for the night just short of the Tongue River. 

June 28, 1876


2:00: The rear guard arrived at the Powder River base camp.
7:00: The horse herders arrived at the Powder River base camp.


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