This Week in Little Bighorn History

Victorian ValentineOn Valentine’s Day in 1882, Edwin Philip Eckerson married Sophie M. Bergsland in Hays, Kansas.

Other Seventh Cavalry anniversaries this week include:

Michael Delaney died on February 12, 1884, in Olney, Illinois, and was buried in the St. Joseph’s Cemetery there.

Jean Baptiste Desire Gallenne died in Washington, D.C., on February 12, 1911, and was buried in the Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

Emil Taube died on February 12, 1917, in Eddy, Texas, and was buried in the Shiloh Cemetery in Bell County, Texas.

John B. McGuire, Jr., died in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, on February 12, 1932, and was buried in the Livermore Cemetery in Derry, Pennsylvania.

John Valentine Whisten was born on February 14, 1852 in New York, New York. He was a Private in Company M who fought in the valley and hilltop fights.

Elijah T. Strode died on February 14, 1881, in Miller’s Saloon in Sturgis City, Dakota Territory. He was fatally shot by Private Thomas J. Whalen and buried in the Fort Meade National Cemetery.

Charles Kavanaugh died in Washington, D.C., on February 14, 1886, and was buried in the U.S. Soldiers’ Home National Cemetery there.

Charles Henry Bischoff died on February 14, 1924, in Baltimore, Maryland, and was buried there in the Loudon Park Cemetery.

John Muering died in Fort Wayne, Michigan, on February 15, 1902, and was buried in the Woodmere Cemetery in Detroit.

George Edward Lord was born on February 17, 1846, in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the Assistant Surgeon for the Seventh who was killed with Custer’s Column.

John J. Rafter married Mary Madden on February 17, 1877. She was the widow of his friend, Pvt. Robert H. Hughes, who was killed in the battle.

David W. Lewis was born on February 18, 1852, in St. Louis, Missouri. He was not present at the battle because he was confined.

William Othniel Taylor was born in Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York, on February 18, 1855, and died in Orange, Massachusetts, on February 19, 1923. He was buried in the Central Cemetery there.


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